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 Orphan Helpers exists to serve and minister to the physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs of orphaned, abused and incarcerated children by effectively partnering with individuals, businesses, churches, organizations and governments.

We educate and train more than 800 children and youth daily in Central American, government-owned and operated orphanages and detention centers. Orphan Helpers employs in-country staff who provide Christian evangelism and discipleship, vocational training workshops, mentoring and counseling, and grade-school classes in reading, writing, and math.

Orphan Helpers' approach is based on solid, biblical principles. Evangelism, sharing the Good News of a new life in Jesus Christ, is at the heart of our ministry. We focus on discipleship that leads to transformation by the renewal of our minds as described in Romans 12:1-2. Our goal is to help marginalized and disenfranchised children pursue God's unique plan and purpose for their lives.

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