Saturday, July 23, 2016



CISNA is an acronym for the center's Spanish name, which is "Complejo de IntegraciĆ³n Social para la NiƱez y la Adolescencia" (Complex for the Social Integration of Children & Teenagers). CISNA is home for approximately 20-35 boys ages 11-18. These boys are admitted as a result of abuse, abandonment, or for their personal protection as ordered by the court. Many of these boys are found living on the streets; most ran away from home or were kicked out by their parents.  Others are brought to CISNA because of family abuse or mistreatment.

Orphan Helpers has 1 staff member in this center who works as a teacher. The teacher offers counseling and guidance to the children and teaches crafts, Bible class, and discipleship classes every day to the children. We also operate a Spanish library in the center.

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