Orphaned. Abused. Neglected. Abandoned. Locked Up. Forgotten.

Tragically, too many children in Central America are experiencing these conditions right now. Parents have left them. Relatives have used them. Gangs have enticed them. Society has rejected them. They don’t know what it’s like to feel loved, encouraged, or respected.

Of the children and youth that Orphan Helpers serves in the government centers, 100% of them have been abandoned, abused, or incarcerated.

Their backgrounds vary. Some are true biological orphans, having lost both parents. Some are abandoned because their parent(s) could not provide for them. Many of them are in state custody because they have been physically or sexually abused in their own homes. Others are incarcerated because they were either forced into gang activity or offered a place to belong by gangs, even as early as 8 years old.

These youth – the neglected, abandoned, locked up, and forgotten – need someone to believe in them and give them an opportunity to succeed.

01. SEEK

Reaching orphaned, abused, and incarcerated youth all begins with seeking them out. Orphan Helpers sends workers into government-run orphanages and juvenile detention centers each day to connect with children who've been forgotten or who've lost their way. We shower them with love when others have not. We share with them a hope and a future.

This involves:

  • Connecting daily with children and youth living in government institutions.

  • Inviting them to recreational activities and daily devotionals.

  • Improving youths’ physical surroundings in government-run centers.


For the children and youth who seek a better life, Orphan Helpers serves them on a deeper level. We work with them in the centers to give them educational training, emotional healing, and spiritual hope.


This involves:

  • Establishing Success Academies within the centers to provide life skills, leadership training, Bible studies, and vocational workshops.

  • Moving youth into a right relationship with God, themselves, others, and their community (When Helping Hurts by Corbett & Fikkert).

  • Guiding youth in developing a life plan to pursue their purpose.


Youth face significant obstacles and challenges once they leave the centers. Orphan Helpers works with Success Academy graduates after they've been released by providing mentorship and guidance.

This involves:

  • Assigning a Success Coach to assist youth with transition back into society.

  • Mapping community resources and opportunities that will help youth pursue their plans.

  • Connecting youth with local churches and volunteer mentors who will meet regularly with youth.


Our prayer is that all youth who have dedicated themselves to pursuing God’s plan for their lives will find success. We want to see them in schools, on job paths, off of drugs, in a church, away from trouble, and included in a family. In doing so, we will turn today's orphans into tomorrow's helpers.




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