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Choosing To Be Grateful Despite The Circumstances

In the face of this great pandemic, the youth in Honduras and El Salvador are taking time to express their gratitude for what God is doing in their lives. To witness their joy and thankfulness despite the circumstances is an absolute inspiration.

Young Ana with a donation of corn flour to make tortillas

Now more than ever, these vulnerable young men and women are lacking food and personal hygiene supplies. Despite the natural fear and anxiety, they are shifting their attitude from negative to positive as a way to get through each day.

Young Ana shared, "Although I feel worried because I do not know when the end of this would be and I do not have money to pay for internet in my house so I can complete my school assignments, I thank God for the food I have to eat right now. I pray to God and thank Him for your support you are providing me during these difficult times. I greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, Orphan Helpers."

Although she might not be able to graduate this year as planned, Ana is focused on what she has just for today. For that, she is grateful.

Youth who are living back in their community shared other ways they're being creative with their time at home:

  • Samuel said he is learning a new language via online classes while bonding with his family and a new pet he adopted from his neighborhood.

  • Daniel shared that he has been spending more time in the Word of God and feels at peace knowing that "all things work together for good to those who love God" (Romans 8:28).

  • Kevin celebrated his birthday indoors and considered it a blessing to be surrounded by family to celebrate the occasion rather than being incarcerated and away from loved ones.

As for those who are incarcerated, they are also grateful for the support you have provided them. One group of boys at a center in El Salvador sent a handwritten letter to our staff thanking them for bringing them meals and Bible studies for their physical and spiritual needs.

"Thank you for the supplies you sent us. Thank Sister Soledad and Edward too on our behalf. God bless every one of you."

Handwritten letter from an incarcerated young man

The directors of the government centers are grateful for the support, too. Several of them have shared how much the assistance means to them during this time.

"I want to thank Orphan Helpers because this is the only organization that has blessed us with support from the first day of the quarantine," one center director said. "We are truly grateful that you are aware of our center and its need."

Our prayers are being answered as the youth in these countries grow closer to God, receive enough food on their tables, desire to keep learning. These stories bring us joy because it shows how your donations and your prayers are making a difference. In the words of a detention center director: "May God bless you and your family for all the help and attention you have provided."

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