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Kathia Graduates from Law School

A young woman who has been part of the Orphan Helpers family for 15 years is now a law school graduate and licensed to practice law in Honduras. Kathia was abandoned by her mother and placed in a government-run institution in 2008. She was just 11 years old. That is when Orphan Helpers entered her life, first in the orphanage, then in a transition house, and finally in the home of an Orphan Helpers team member.

“She had nobody in her life. She was either going to be in government custody or on the streets. I decided to become her guardian,” recalls Miriam, a longtime teacher at Orphan Helpers. “Kathia has been a huge blessing to me. She is part of our family now.”

Kathia has been able to achieve her goals with supportfrom Miriam, mentoring from the Orphan Helpers aftercare team, and scholarship assistance from donors. She graduated law school this past summer in Honduras near the top of her class.

“Orphan Helpers has been a family to me,” Kathia says. “They have taught me never to put limits on myself and to be the change that our society needs. Thanks to them I am reaching my goals and I will be forever grateful.”

In her new career in law, Kathia plans to work to protect the rights of vulnerable children who’ve been through situations similar to hers. “I want to help other kids like Orphan Helpers has always done for me,” she says.

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