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New Doors Opening for Young Mom

Left to right: Victoria, younger sister, mother, Victoria's son, and Success Coach Johana

Victoria is a young woman who grew up without feeling love and affection from her family in El Salvador. She always felt lost, unwanted, and without a future, until the Lord changed her life around. This is her story:

“Although I was raised by both of my parents, they gave me a miserable life. My mother worked to provide for the family while my father would physically abuse me. I didn’t know what love was. I never had a childhood because I had to be a mother to my younger sister. I was responsible for all the house chores while my mom was away. I never felt good enough because every time I would get something wrong, my father would hit me. I would see all the children in my neighborhood play while I was a prisoner in my own home. It was devastating.

“One day, my mother finally decided to leave my abusive father and we moved in with my grandparents for a couple of years. Sadly, my mom fell into a trap and started living with a man in an unsafe neighborhood which led me to hanging out with the wrong crowd. I began to do drugs, drink alcohol, steal, and be sexually active as a teenager. Once my mother discovered my new lifestyle and tried to discipline me, I ran away. From that point forward, I was always on the run and ended up being raped, beaten, and homeless.

“While on my own, I became pregnant and moved in with my child’s father. That living situation didn’t turn out as expected and I decided I needed to make a change because my child depended on me. So I turned myself in to the government officials who oversee the protection of minors. At the protection center, I learned how to sew and do embroidery while I waited for my son’s arrival. Once my son was born, I was then transferred to another center where I learned cosmetology and baking as well. That’s where I met the team from Orphan Helpers.

“After five years in the orphanages, I was released and I reconciled with my mom. I moved back with her where I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I continue to work hard to be a good example to my son as he grows up because I want him to have a different life than mine.

“Our needs as a family have been great but I know the Lord has provided for us, especially through the ministry of Orphan Helpers. This organization continually serves us through Biblical teachings, food bags and now a front door for our house. For a long time, we had no privacy because we didn’t have a door, but the Lord did not forsake us.

“I have come a long way since leaving the orphanage and I have learned how to be responsible and to better care for my son and family. I have many aspirations for my son and I trust the Lord will make a way. May the Lord continue to bless Orphan Helpers and its supporters – you have changed my life! Thank you!”

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