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New Struggles During COVID-19 for A Young Woman Who Has Known Many

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Success Coach Johana (left) with Katherine (right) and her younger siblings. Photo taken before COVID-19.

Many young men and women in El Salvador and Honduras struggle to put food on their tables in the normal course of life. The COVID-19 pandemic is making that especially difficult right now.

Take Katherine, for example. Katherine is a young woman in El Salvador who is now raising her younger siblings.

Growing up, Katherine always felt like a failure and despised her life. She would find temporary pleasure by being disobedient to her parents, missing her classes, and getting involved in gang activity. Then in 2016, her actions paid the price and she was admitted to a detention center.

Orphan Helpers staff met her in the detention center and began to work with her. They described her as a quiet young woman and well-behaved with perfect attendance at the Success Academy classes. Katherine grew determined to complete her time and find God's purpose for her life.

After a year and a half in the detention center, she was granted early release. She was really looking forward to her freedom. Little did she know that her most challenging and heartbreaking journey was about to begin.

Soon after she was released, her grandmother died of pneumonia. A few months after that, her stepfather died of chronic kidney failure. Then, at the end of 2019, her mother died of cancer. It was one loss after another and she felt defeated. However, she had made a promise to the judge to care for her ailing family when she was released. She agreed to become the legal guardian for her younger siblings of five and nine years old.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the shelter-in-place restrictions in El Salvador, she has not been able to work selling food. She is facing a severe financial struggle.

Success Coach Johana waiting in line at the grocery store for Katherine and her siblings

Thankfully, Orphan Helpers Success Coach Johana continues to walk alongside Katherine. In fact, Johana traveled three hours round-trip on public transportation to visit Katherine recently. Johana then waited an hour in the grocery line to purchase food for Katherine and her young siblings.

“We do what we need to do to serve others," Johana says.

Because of blessings such as this one, Katherine recognizes that the Lord is her everlasting help in times of trouble. She continues to seek Him in prayer and in His Word because she needs Him now more than ever.

Katherine is grateful for the community of believers that surround her and encourage her each day, starting with Orphan Helpers staff who continue to show her the love of God.

Katherine says, "Thank you and God bless you, Orphan Helpers and supporters. A huge hug for you all.”


To help youth like Katherine who are being impacted by COVID-19, please visit our donation page and select "COVID-19 Emergency Fund".

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