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Silas Brings His Future Into Focus

A respected optometrist in San Salvador has recognized rare talent in one of the graduates of Orphan Helpers’ Success Academy. Silas spent five years behind bars. During that time, he participated in the Success Academy, learning life skills and growing in his faith. 

Today, Silas spends his days working as an optometry tech and studying to be an optometrist. He first began working as a security guard for the doctor’s office, but his interest in optometry, his positive demeanor and his work ethic quickly caught the attention of the staff.

“He is punctual, dependable, diligent and is servant-hearted. He is compassionate to the elderly and those with special needs,” says Dr. Antonio. “Silas will be an optometrist in this office one day. I’m glad we can give him a job and additional training to accelerate his university studies.” 

Silas, 22, is pursuing work and school opportunities that his parents never imagined possible for him. He is one of nine siblings and his parents could never have afforded to  send him to university without the help of a scholarship from Orphan Helpers.  

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