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Success Academy Students Finish Strong; Ready to Graduate

Abandoned, abused, and incarcerated youth are preparing to graduate from the Orphan Helpers Success Academy where they have been studying all year. Graduation celebrations are scheduled for September 10-12 in Honduras and September 24-27 in El Salvador.

More than 200 students in nine Success Academy locations have taken classes in Christian faith development and a variety of life skills and leadership issues. Courses have included topics such as solving problems, goal setting, serving one another, applying for a job, and addressing common challenges at work.

As part of the work readiness classes, girls at a detention center in Honduras practiced what they learned. They participated in simulated job interviews with a volunteer from one of Orphan Helpers’ partner churches.

“The girls were a little nervous about the job interview experience. They took it seriously and dressed the part of a job applicant,” said Nahun Morales, Honduras Country Director. “They understood that in the not-too-distant future they may have the opportunity to interview for a job that changes their wellbeing and that of their family.”

Each day, 17 girls at this one center set aside their time and voluntarily participate in the devotionals, Success Academy classes, and cosmetology workshops. All of this is taught by Orphan Helpers teachers who are supported by generous donors like you.

Your giving is having a tremendous impact in the lives of these youth. Success Academy students at the detention center for girls in El Salvador have committed to a weekly day of prayer and fasting.

“I have told God I wanted to be someone different than the person I was when I was arrested. I felt that God did not hear me or had forgotten me. Then there was the opportunity to enter the Success Academy, which was very good news to me,” one student says. “Now that I am in the Academy, I feel at peace. I have found the Word of God helps me change one day at a time. I want to share my testimony so I can help change the lives of other young people who have gone through storms that they think will never end.”

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