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Teacher goes extra mile to help youth through troubled times

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Twenty young men just completed the Success Academy inside a Salvadoran detention center. That achievement would not have been possible without the self-sacrifice of Orphan Helpers teacher David.

Since May of this year, David has stepped forward to serve in total lockdown 24 hours a day for 21 days straight on four different occasions. In fact, one time, he asked to stay additional days so he could provide more classes.

David put his personal life on hold to work with these young men because he cares so deeply for them. He wanted to continue leading and teaching so the young men could finish this year’s Success Academy despite the restrictions and obstacles caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to Success Academy classes, David led the young men in a study of the book of John. After that, he prepared a new study titled “Who is God?”

“I would do anything for these boys,” David says. “They need us, especially during these tough times. We hope to show them who God is through our actions."

During his stays in the detention center this year, David has brought supplies of food, water, and medication for the young men. His presence and these provisions have helped with some of the loneliness and sickness among the incarcerated youth.

“It’s difficult to understand their situation from the outside,” David says. “After living with them in lockdown for many weeks, I now have a greater understanding and more compassion for their situations.”

Thank you for your support of the Orphan Helpers teachers who are relentless in pursuing incarcerated youth. May God continue to bless David and all of the Orphan Helpers team members in El Salvador and Honduras!

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