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young man shares his comeback story

Jonah with Seminary Professor (left)

Jonah is a young man in El Salvador whose life was in a downward spiral as a teenager. He finally hit rock bottom when he was sent to a juvenile detention center. Today, he's making a remarkable comeback. Here is his story:

I was raised primarily by my grandmother. She was very protective of me and tried to protect me from the crime and violence in our neighborhood. However, temptations were all around me. I eventually gave in to them and started committing all kinds of crimes with other boys.

In 2016, I was arrested and sentenced to 11 years in a juvenile detention center. I continued to live an undisciplined life and to behave recklessly. I was literally living in the pits. I was dead in my transgressions.

After four years of living in the detention center and talking with the guys from Orphan Helpers, I finally accepted Jesus into my life. That's when my life completely changed. I began to attend the church in the center, I even became a leader in the church.

In December 2019, I received early release. The Lord opened a door for me. Now I want to give everything for Him.

Jonah with his father (left)

Today, I am working in a restaurant. I also am attending Bible seminary. In addition, I am working on restoring my relationship with my father. He was an alcoholic who abandoned me when I was a young boy. He's now apologized and the Lord is working a miracle by bringing us back together and restoring our relationship.

I want to thank Orphan Helpers for the guidance they have provided me in my life. God bless Orphan Helpers and its donors. I wouldn’t be here to tell my story if it wasn’t for your support!

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